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S_Jeff 08-15-2012 06:10 PM

Fuse for chandelier with 12-volt transformer?
(Apologies in advance to any followers of's forum who may have already seen this post, but they asked me to relocate it here.)

I have a chandelier installed that is currently not working. Here is the story:

Originally, there was a 250V, 3.15A fuse & 12V transformer mounting assembly, with a chandelier consisting of twelve 20W G4 Bi-Pin halogen bulbs.

Then, maintaining the original fuse/transformer mounting assembly, the (destroyed) original chandelier was replaced with a similar chandelier by the same manufacturer, except the new one had ten 10W G4 Bi-Pin halogen bulbs.

The installer of the replacement chandelier left the original fuse intact, with the assumption that the old fuse would be more than sufficient, as the draw of the replacement chandelier would be less. However, now, a few months after the replacement installation, the original fuse has blown.

We are hoping that using the correct fuse will solve our problem. However, the supplier of the replacement chandelier is a direct importer from China and unable to provide correct fuse information due to the model having been discontinued.

Therefore, my question is this:

Is a fuse necessary, and if so, what can be determined about what kind of fuse we need based on the information we have?

Any help that an expert can provide would be greatly appreciated, Thank You!

dmxtothemax 08-15-2012 11:19 PM

Fuses do have a rated life span !
They do wear out.
Replace the fuse,
Use the correct type of fuse !
I.E. is it fast blow or slow blow.
Transformers have a large turn on surge
so don't be surprised if its current rating
is higher then you expect, and if it is on the
the primary side of the tranny, it will be a slow blow.

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