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Freezer not cold enough

The Freezer part of my electrolux Fridge Freezer ER3203B does not seem to be cold enough - obviously adjusted thermostats etc, the compressors seem warm and there appears no damage to the refrigerant system - One compressor is very hot the other warm - and the top half of the rear long heat exchange grill is at room temp (connected to the 'warm' - not hot comp). Has Freezer thermostat gone? is it worth getting spare part and DIY? Any tips/ check to further diagnose problem - Fridge seems OK - Danny


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Does the air circulate? Assuming this is a frost-free fridge/freezer, the fan could be stuck or frozen up which can severly decrease the temperature. This wouldn't apply if it is a frost freezer.


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Check to make sure the evaporator fan is running when the compressor is running. Open the freezer door and you should feel a draft in the freezer compartment. If you don't feel any draft, check to confirm by lighting a cotton shoe lace until it's burning under it's own steam, blowing out the flame so that it smolders, releasing a steady stream of smoke, and using that as a smoke pencil to confirm there is no draft near the back of the freezer. Make sure you move any food away from the vents in the freezer compartment that might be preventing the cold air from blowing into the freezer compartment.

If there is a draft, the next thing to check is the evaporator itself.

There should be a cover in the freezer compartment that you can remove. Remove the cover and you should find the evaporator coil. It looks like an aluminum coil with fins all over it. You should see a uniform coating of frost over the entire length of the evaporator coil. If there is only frost formation at one end of the coil (the inlet end), that means that either your compressor is worn out, or your refrigerant charge is low. The cost to either replace your compressor or find the leak and recharge your fridge with new refrigerant will normally only be economically feasible if it's a relatively new fridge. If it's an older fridge, then buying a new fridge is the more economically attractive option.

If the entire evaporator coil is coated with frost, and the evaporator fan is working, the only two other alternatives is that the thermostat (more correctly, the "cold control") or the defrost timer is screwing up.

It could be that the cold control isn't turning the fridge compressor on, or leaving it on for long enough. In that case, I'd be inclined to simply jumper across the terminals of the thermostat to see if the freezer gets cold enough when the fridge runs continuously for a day or two (as it does when you first plug it in). Maybe check with the manufacturer's factory authorized service depot to confirm this won't do any harm just to be on the safe side. Maybe see if they have a used cold control that you can check your fridge with. The problem is that cold controls can cost quite a bit, and you normally can't return them.

Or, it could be that the defrost timer is getting stuck in defrost mode for a while on every defrost cycle so that the fridge is warming up too much between defrost cycles. To check this possibility, you can find out what the length of your defrost cycle is supposed to be, and just test to see if your defrost cycle is longer than that. Typically, defrost timers will defrost the fridge for anywhere from 10 minutes every 6 hours to 40 minutes every 24 hours.
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