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I see the meter is lit up. That means you may have some hot wires in that panel somewhere. If wires are connected to the load side of the meter then those main breaker wires are hot....proceed with caution or preferably with an electrician.


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Whatever you do at the main breaker box KEEP your hand out the middle 4 large conductor that is unfused and it will be hot all the time when the meter is still engerized.

I will seriously suggest just get the electrician come in and deal with it there is alot of serious issue allready show up.

But few case the meter itself it may allready have boots on so the load side may be dead but I will not take any chance so again just get the electrician come in and they will know excatally what to do with it.

The answer will be based on NEC ( National Electrical code ) or CEC ( Cananda Electrical code ) or ECF ( Electrique Code France )
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I suggest before you even take the cover off and even touch a wire, you have the POCO come over and shut off the power going into the box.
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Looks like they took the whole bus bar from the sub panel inside would be better to just buy a new panel and take the bus bar out and put it in there. I find it strange that they took the time to use wire nuts on all the wires.

That panel LC2040L1125CU is still being sold for about $75.00. And you could have close to $1000 in breakers if AFCI breakers are required.
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Want to thank everyone for their insight that you provided, lot of great information that helped me out.

Long story short it took months to close on the property and I finally got keys about 2 weeks ago. Number one item was to get power back up and running. I ended up buying both of the boxes new, subpanel for the bus bar and main panel for the main breaker. Turns out the main breaker alone would have cost more then the new box that includes it.

Fitting the breakers was pretty straightforward minus a few more difficult ones like a 2-20amp 1 pole, 1-50amp 2 pole breaker in one. I started fitting a bunch of single pole 15 or 20amp breakers but realized I was running out of room quickly. Made them tandems and they all fit perfectly.

Once all was complete I called the local electric company to turn power back, nothing was working. Called them again and they were adament that meter is showing power going to it. They ended up sending a tech and the meter had been locked/blocked. Once that was corrected both panels were functioning perfectly.

The 3 way and 4 way switches were more difficult to figure out. Almost everything is connected and working minus one 4 way switch circuit.

(oh and all those wire nuts were done by the bank, PO could have done more damage but luckily I only had to extend one wire that was cut)
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Thanks for the follow up !


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