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Fluorescent Network

I will be setting up a room with many vivariums.
I have 3 outlet on a breaker, and 4 other on another breaker.
I think it's a good thing the electrical box is in that same room! I have a few more empty free breaker if needed.
I strongly doubt I can plug all my stuffs without modifying or even having an electrician come here but that's why I am asking here first.

I will give you guys as much info as possible, but if there is anything else I should add, feel free to tell me!

Basically, I will have around 20 double fluorescent T8 and T12, ranging from 30 to 50W. Along with that, I will be having around 30 pumps, filters, heatmat (4w), and clamp lights (25-40W) and a few other things of course...

All of the lighting will be on timers, 12hr on/off.
Most of the fluorescent have outlet plugs.

So what do you recommand? Many powerbars and extentions? ;P How would you set all that up? I would like to do as much possible all by myself, and am planning on having a pro verify all my setup to make sure its safe, if possible.
Thanks in advance, sorry for the bad english!


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It's good that you've got the watts for some of that equipment. From what you've included so far, at the high end your flourescent lights will be 1000W. You didn't provide the wattage of your pumps or the number of clamp lights. Basically, get your total wattage.

Then determine whether your existing circuits are on 12 guage or 14 guage wire. A 14 guage wire can run 1800 watts MAX and a 12 guage 2400 MAX. Keep yourself at 85% of that at most. If your total wattage is less than ~3500 then you can get away with just two circuits provided you load exactly 1/2 your wattage on one circuit and 1/2 on the other.

By the way, what kind of ecosystems are you trying to setup, or alternatively, what animals are you planning on keeping?


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Thanks a lot for the help man!!
There will be around 30 of each :
pumps and/or filters
heatmat (4w)
clamp lights (25-40W)

I will try to find what wattage the pumps/filters are, then I can calculate the total wattage I will need for ALL of my stuffs, I will even add a little bit just to make sure!

It is writen 32W on each of my 4 feet T8 fluos, and like I said, they're double fixtures so does this mean 2x32W or the whole fixture is 32W?

Is there a way for me to determine whether I have 14 or 12gauge?

So basically, I can really have plenty powerbars and timers everywhere, as long as I don't go over 85% of the MAX wattage for each of my breakers?

If I'm lacking wattage, I could just use one of the other free breaker right? But then I would probably need the help of a pro.

Rainforest vivariums for frogs is the main part of my collection, but I have a bit of everything herp wise. I have many different type of frogs (tree frogs, terrestrial frogs, burrowing frogs, poison dart frogs) along with tarantulas, scorpions, bearded dragon, geckos, turtle, boa, and some weird insects for fun, and of course, all those colonies of insect feeder so I don't go bankrupt after 2monthes of feeding this herp army

All these animals require their own setup, and I try to create tiny ecosystems in each of the vivariums, by having a false bottom, water features, plants and moss, and I also seed my tanks with springtails and isopods so basically all I have to do, is monitor their health and feed them! No cleaning required, ever.
As you can see, this is a passion for me! I can put pictures when I am finished with the herp room! I am very eager but this is a LOT of job...
building a vivarium is very time consuming, and there are many other things to do like installing a Reverse osmosis system where the misting network can feed from, and all those shelves I am going to need.

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