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"B" 12-28-2007 02:46 PM

fluorescent light wiring
hello all

i have a question
i'm starting up my fish house again and i want to keep most of the electrics outside as its a wet room
(last time i had less but bigger tanks so it wasn't as big an issue)

i want to locate all the control gear outside the room and just have the arcadia leads with the waterproof encaps inside connected to the tubes.
those are designed for use with aquariums
this is what i mean

i was hoping to wire those up using this type of control gear

ideally i was hoping to operate several tubes with one of those
if i could wire 4 into the 120 watt unit that would be fantastic
i have 8 tubes that need connecting and each one is 36" 30 watt

i really hope someone can help me out with a wiring diagram
i know i need a starter to ignite the gas in the tubes but not sure if i could get a fitting for one?
so what i need is a good selfexplanatory wiring diagram and maybe a few good link on where to buy stuff needed
i want all the electrics savely away in a small cupboard, ideally something in the size of a small bathroom cabinet
my fish house or room is half of my garage so nothing will be outside in the weather as most fish houses or sheds are located at the bottom of the garden

thanx for your help and advise

goose134 12-28-2007 09:54 PM

B, I'm in the US, but I think what you want is what is called a remote ballast. Actually you could use the ballasts pictured in the link, but simply mount them in the area you'd like to control them from. It takes a bit more wiring and work but it can be done. I worked at a radio station that didn't want the hum from the lights in the broadcast booths. All of the ballasts for the lights were in the hall closet in an enormous metal tub. I would not recommend wiring a bunch of tubes off of one ballast (flourescent choke) unless it is rated for such an application. Some fixtures have this capability, but with T-5 lamps, you are more than likely at two lamps per ballast. Again, this is US thinking, so if you need more help, just say so. As for wiring diagrams, all you need to do is extend the wires of the ballast to the lamp location and voila! Keep us posted.

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