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Fluorescent fixture not working

Hello all. My fluorescent fixture in the kitchen does not work. It fails to start every time everytime it is turned off for some time. I have to play with the on/off switch rapidly until it turns on. If the light is on and I turn it off and then back on, it turns on just fine. I looked at the bulbs and really did not see any problems with them. Well actually one looks like the begining stages of dying since a black light round ring is begining to form. Could it be the bulb, light switch, ballast? Any help or info appreciated. Thanks



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Change the bulbs. You can't tell by looking if they are bad.


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Well, luckily with Fluorescent fixtures, there isn't too much to check. You can replace the bulbs and see if that resolves it, but sounds like it may be the starter (also cheap to replace). You can twist out the old one, take to the store, match up and replace.
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Sounds like the starter to me!
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I'm going to pile on. Replace the starter.
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I'm not going to pile on, because if it's a "rapid start" ballast, there is no starter.

Here's how you can tell the difference: rapid start ballasts will emit some light the instant the switch is on turned on, but will "flicker" their way to being fully on within about one second. Ballasts that rely on a starter won't light up right away; they will remain dark for a second or two, then "pop" on, sometimes flickering rapidly off and on once or twice before staying lit. Starters also sometimes make a distinct "tink, ka tink" sound as they start the lamp, while rapid start ballasts are relatively silent as a rule. (Except for the occasional 60 Hz humming noise.)

If you think you have a "rapid start" ballast, replace the bulbs. If there are two bulbs, replace them both; if one is dying, the other will be close behind, as they run in series. Take the old bulbs in with you to make sure you get the exact replacement, and for recycling/hazardous waste disposal. Many stores (such as my local Ace Hardware) will accept the old ones for disposal free of charge upon purchase of new ones.

If new bulbs don't fix it (and they probably will), then replace the ballast (again, bring the old one to the store for an exact replacement and for disposal).
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I would check the switch too. He did say he had to play with it, to get the lights to work. Thats were I would start. Jump out switch and see.


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