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cbzdel 05-22-2012 06:08 PM

flickering fluorescent fixture?
The inlaws bathroom has (2) 24" fluorescent tubes in the celing.. About a year ago they started having problems, they bulbs seem to burn out once a month and they flickered alot, I finally got around to installing a new fixture and new bulbs in there, I turned it on and it seemed to work great for about a week and now its doing the exact same thing again. I dont have the time to keep messing with it hoping things work.. The house is 40-ish years old and I am guessing it could be a wiring problem but not sure how to really test that one out.. Also this is not what I consider a "wet" location, it is just a toilet and sink, no shower or bath..

Any idea on what I should be looking into or replacing??

frenchelectrican 05-22-2012 11:26 PM

Two thing will come to my mind so I will lay out the two cases to see which one will suit your situation.

Situation A ) have older romex cable without ground conductor.

This is common on older home when they were not rewired for long time and for 40 ish year old home you may I say may have a ground wire in one of the romex but I doubt that unless it is in bathroom or kitchen then I will say a 50/50 chance unless it was rewired for some reason for last 20 years.

Situation B ) if you have lighted switch handle that may cause the issue and if you have electronic ballast this will kill it pretty fast but magantic it should not be a issue.

Can you post a photo of what the wiring look like one of us can able indentify it quick.


AllanJ 05-23-2012 08:05 AM

Check the voltage being supplied to that fixture. Problems with wiring elsewhere could result in abnormal voltage that in turn will shorten the life of the fixture and the lamps (tubes).

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