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joey59 09-27-2012 08:19 PM

Fittings for lights
Well, as my previous threads stated, I was going to put UF cable in for flood and area lights mounted on trees. Sadly, this has been scratched out as a project till next year, possibly later since my budget has gone to zip. I will be entering college next year, so i am now broke.

Instead of running UF at the time, since I only use the floodlights 2-3 times a month at the time (bike races and games), I do need lights. The 4 lights are already purchased and installed, and for the time being, I need to put cords on them so I can continue with Halloween, Christmas, and other events. I will have to run some cords out there in the meantime whenever I need the lamps. Thankfully all of them add up to only 300w.

I am looking for those 1/2" watertight strain reliefs for 16/3 or 18/3 round SJTW cord. Can't find them though. They install on the outdoor weatherproof junction boxes.

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