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Fireworks Help

I am trying to create a fireworks launch pad this 4th of July. I am using 75' of telephone wire to send a charge to ignite this very low gauge wire. That wire will be in the fuses of the fireworks. My issues is I don't know what type of battery (voltage or amperage) to use. I have used a 9v battery but that only work for like a foot of wire. So if somoene could give me an estimate or an idea of a battery that would be great?



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Since it is a fireworks fuse I would use a car battery. It might burn the fuse but thats what you want. Right???


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I did something similar to this several years ago when I put on a fireworks display. What I used for igniters is thin (24-30 gauge) nichrome wire. I twisted it around the fireworks' fuses and attached my leads to the ends. I remember removing it from some heating elements. It is used in most heating appliances. Go to a junk store and buy some cheap appliances such as a waffle iron or toaster. I used phone cable but it wasn't 75 ft long and I twisted some of the pairs of wires together to increase their current carrying capacity. I built a board with some large lighted buttons stripped from an old industrial control panel. The whole works was powered off a standard 10 amp battery charger putting out 12 volts.

Have fun and BE CAREFUL!
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Have you thought of using model rocket ignitors? I believe you would only need a six volt source to ignite them.
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No No No....don't waste your money.

- Car battery

- #14 Romex

- telephone wire

1) run the romex out to the launch pad..

2) slightly skin the ends of the wire to form a tight loop

3) wrap a small amount of telephone wire around the fuse

4) connect the telephone wire to the romex...

5) touch the romex to the battery....

6) wear safety glasses and no kids.

- pete

ok..if you want to spend money, buy the foot switch that they use for car headlights...
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Whatever you do PLEASE post a video on YouTube. I LOVE seeing folks get blown up!


Sometimes I feel like if I answer any more questions it is like someone trying to climb over a fence to jump off a bridge and me giving them a boost.
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