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ricbrk 02-27-2013 08:35 PM

Fireplace blower TV interference
We got a new 50" HD TV that sits on a corner tv stand in the living room. On the same wall on the other end is a corner propane fireplace. The two are 18' apart +. When the burner comes on, a sensor kicks the blower on once heat reaches a certain level, and turns it off when the unit cools. When the motor goes on or off the tv goes black for a second then comes back on. This did not happen with our old tv ? I imagine this isn't good for the TV. To attempt to remedy this we ran a new line to a new plug behind the TV which the TV, and cable Reciever is plugged in. Still did the same. We then made sure the new plug was on a different buss than the fireplace in the breaker box. It was. Any ideas, Help...

av-geek 02-27-2013 08:48 PM

I don't think your TV is switching off, but it is loosing signal. Most likely what is happening is that your gas heater is inducing RFI / EMI into the signal line coming into the TV. This can be especially true if you are picking up TV off the air with an antenna. In the old days, EMI / RFI would cause lines of static to appear on the picture. Today, with digital TV, you either get pixelation, or most likely complete loss of picture, like what you have. When signal is lost, the picture on most digital TV's goes either all black or all blue, instead of "snow" like what we were once used to.

You may be able to clear up the issue by checking your antenna or cable lines and making sure none of them are running by the gas furnace, and the lines are all grounded and shielded properly. Make sure all connectors from the converter box to the cable grid are tight, and all the lines from the cable converter to the TV are good and tight. Try using good quality cables too. Thin cables frequently lack good shielding and grounds and will let interference in.

Are you using cable TV? If so, what type of connection do you have between the cable converter and the TV. The most common are Analog HD, or component video uses 3 wires, Red, Green, and Blue. Digital HD uses an HDMI connector which looks like a wide USB cable connector. Of course, there are the standard definition connectors too "composite" video which uses a single yellow colored coax connector.

ricbrk 02-27-2013 09:23 PM

The cable company put new lines in, in November 2012. The coax to the cable box is nowhere near the fireplace. They did use the usb type connector to the tv which I had to purchase from them, because it wasn't included in the installation and was recommended by the installer for the HD. Your conclusion sounds logical, so I'll have to double check everything tomorrow. We use the best of cables, a dvd player is hooked to the tv also, using the three cable set up, but is independent of the cable box. We have to put the tuner on a side AV to watch a movie. I think I'll put a CD in the player tomorrow and turn the blower motor on and off to see if the same thing happens. Never thought of that. Thank you for the assistance, at least I have a new route tofind a cure now.

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