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OJG 07-09-2009 04:43 PM

finding the right smoke detector
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I moved into my home about 3 years ago. The home was originally built in 2001. Recently (like within the last four months) two of my smoke alarms have gone nuts. Both alarms were model USI-1208, both made in 2001 Dec 08. Apart from these two detectors, there are three others in my home. Since these two have gone bad, and the other three are well out of warranty, I was toying with the idea of replacing all five of them in my house...
I called USI to see about replacements, and it looks like they no longer make the USI-1208, and want me to buy the model USI-1209. Sounds fine, except they won't straight forward answer my questions about just plugging the USI-1209 into the mounting bracet for the USI-1208. I actually don't mind replacing the brackets in the ceiling, but I'd rather not have to deal with the electrical connection if I don't have to. It turns out the electrical connection is a tapered linear plug for three wires (black at the tapered end, white then yellow). I've had a horrible time trying to convince the sales lady at USI that the electrical plug in the mounting bracket can indeed pop out of the bracket.
So, to my actual question. I've found a supplier of USI-1204 alarms (not USI-1209), and was wondering if anyone knew about the compatibility of the mounting bracket and plug for this alarm with my existing USI-1208 hardware in the ceiling? OR, alternatively does anyone know about the USI-1209 model and its compatibility with the existing USI-1208 hardware and plug? Also, after my bad experience with USI, maybe I should switch to a different brand..? Kidde? FirstAlert?

unclduey 07-10-2009 06:06 PM

Smokies have a life of 10 years. Replace all of them with new ones. Its only 3 wirenuts to change, so easy you will surprise yourself, just do one wire at a time. They should all be on the same circuit because they are interconnected, find the breaker, turn it off, you will be done in 30 minutes. Also, make 1 or 2 of them, 1 on each floor if 2 story with a carbon monoxide combo.

Scuba_Dave 07-10-2009 06:17 PM

I went with Kiddie alarms - that talk
One one each floor is smoke/carbon monoxide detector
One at the toip of my 2nd floor steps has an emergency light in it
Many will not mix & match with other Mfg brands
8 years isn't too bad for a detector
The new ones do "expire" after 10 years of use
I think at that point they start beeping until you replace them
Maybe that is what happened to yours

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