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tmbrink 11-17-2009 02:03 PM

Federal Pacific Breaker Box relacement question
Hi Everyone, I have a house built in 1978. It,s all electric. I have read some articles on the FP boxes that say they are dangerous, because of defective circuit brakers. I currently have a 200A panel, but it has no main breaker to isolate the panel from the incoming lines. Is there a way to identify a safe breaker from one that is defective? The panel carries a UL sticker, but I'm not sure about the individual breakers. Is it necessary to to replace the whole panel ? If so what brand should I request, and what is an appx. price range ?Thanks in advance for your comments.

Grimlock 11-17-2009 04:22 PM

Replace the whole panel, Federal Pacific panels are an accident waiting to happen.
Price is effected by:
1) Region you live in
2) Size of panel you require, # of breakers
3) Type of meter base you have (You may need to have this replaced also)
4) Location of panel (If in closet or bathroom it will have to be relocated)
5) Existing grounding system (Up to code? Doubt it.)
6) Local ordinances (May require additional code compliance like GFCI plugs, AFCI Breakers)
7) Permit costs

Anywhere from $1500 to worst case $5000 maybe, there is no telling without looking at it in person.

Grimlock 11-17-2009 04:23 PM

BTW any electrical contractor that recommends anything under full replacement is a hack (Just to warn you in advance).

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