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haha...there are no more live ones. I sealed up the crawlspace after hearing the rats climbing in the wall behind my bed at night. Then I spent most the summer cleaning up the mess that was left behind. Pulled all the insulation out and over one room there was about 2-3 inches thick of crap and nestings between the attic floor beams. It was packed hard. I was removing it in "bricks". Funny story, I had a good bit in my shop vac and then stupidly sucked up the water that was backed into my AC drip pan. So it was a nice slosh of crap. I was carrying my shop vac down the upper porch stairs and the latch came undone and and all that crap spilt all over my stairs and porch below. An old man was walking passed my gate and just looked in disbelief. I said "I didnt mean for that to happen", and he said "no son, I don't believe you did". Guess you had to be there. Anyway, the bats only came because my neighbor paid someone to get rid of hers and although he charged her extra to take them 75 miles away to be released, I coincidentally got them in my attic that week. But they're gone now. Does make you paranoid for a while when you have bats flying by your head at night on the way to the bathroom. Even more so when you don't see them leave the room but can't find them either. Everyone says how many misquittos bats will eat each night, but we must have got some lazy ones cause we still couldn't go in the back yard with the amount of misquittos we had. The squirrels I got rid of by sealing up the hole they were going in and out of.


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Originally Posted by gregzoll View Post
I would not put the network stuff out in the garage. If you have a utility room, place it there instead. Problem with garages, is after a while, the switches & router will go bad from the environment. Plus, if you place in a utility room, you can place a wifi ap at that point, or your wifi router, so you can use a mixed network.

As for the drops, figure one coax for each location, min. two ethernet, maybe four for the tv. I have two at my living room tv, and really need four for that location.
I am in Southern California, climate is moderate for the most part. I intend to install a garage exhaust fan on the back wall with a firestat to lower temperatures in the hot summer days.

Besides, I will only have one phone company modem, a router and a switch in the garage, so I am hoping the equipment will not go bad quickly. I do not have any room indoors, I could install on the inside of a closet wall but that would take up about 12" of already limited space.

Your idea of 4 Ethernet at the tv is an excellent idea.
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I still would not put the equipment in the garage, due to it is not made to be in that environment. My stuff is in the basement under the stairs, but that is a controlled environment, that we keep it around 62-64 in the Winter, and 68-72 in the Summer. Right now with the hvac shut down, it is staying around 68. As for dirt and stuff, the rack I use is out of the way, so when stuff falls through the stairs, it is not landing right on it.

I have posted a picture of the rack I have in the computer forum on here, for those that want an example of how I went. My network set up I have ATT U-Verse, so everything is cat-5e, with some stuff wireless for the mobile devices. I have nine ethernet jacks in my house, with three for the U-Verse boxes. I still have one run of coax that I have not ripped out, which goes into my son's room, but that is going to be gone here soon. No need for cat-3 for telephone, since I can use the cat-5 rj-45 for telephones, since they accept rj-11 plugs.


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