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cca10 05-03-2009 03:58 PM

Fan Wiring Installation Issue
I installed 2 fans in 2 of my rooms in the house. The two rooms are on the same circuit breaker, so I turn off the circuit breaker for the rooms and power to both of the rooms are off.
In room 1 I install the fan to work so that the light and fan are controlled separately with a 3-speed fan switch and a dimmer light switch and everything works fine. I go to do the same thing in room 2, install the fan and light to work independently with a 3-speed fan switch and a dimmer light switch. The thing that I notice in room 2 is that is has more wire connects than room 1. Room 2 has 4 black cooper wires from wall (1 shared w/the fan switch and dimmer switch), 1 red, and 2 ground wires. When I connect the wires as I did in room 1, the fan and light work fine. After the connections I was left with 2 black copper wires from the wall from room 2. When I go back to room 1 to turn on the light, fan, and tv it doesn't work.
I go to rm 2 connect 1 of the remaining black wires from the wall to fan switch and turn the fan switch to high. When I do this both rooms work as well as the tv, but I can only put the fan on high from the fan switch. When I turn the fan switch to med or low the fan stops working as well as everything in room 1.

dSilanskas 05-03-2009 05:29 PM

From what it sounds like it sounds like you have the wire feeding the room on the fan control side of the device. My advice is to find out which wire is the power wire and touch each wire to figure out what wire also controls the tv and whatever else is not working. That wire needs to be spliced with the power wire.

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