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IIxXoOoXxII 11-27-2006 09:44 AM

fan chord broke
simple petty thing here, fan chord is missing, it mustve broken off before we moved in, unfortunately it broke while the fan was going apparently. Is there a way of just turning off the fan without taking it apart. It's winter, and i can't turn the light on without the fan going, its either have light and be freezing or sit in the dark. Tips appreciated thank you!:thumbsup:

jwhite 11-27-2006 01:12 PM

Nope, you will have to take the fan apart and fix or disconnect the pull chain switch.

sflamedic 11-27-2006 11:38 PM

Turn off the breaker and take off the light kit and you will see the fan chord switch. See if it is a 3 or 4 wire switch and replace with the same one. Its pretty simple to do.

sedwick 11-28-2006 09:45 AM

I don't mean to hijack your tread but i have the same problem. I took it apart and the switch had come apart and kinda fried the plastic when it shorted out. I replaced the switch and it does'nt work. My question is, would it have damaged any other componets or switchs in the fan? Thanks JD.

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