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pkcrouse 05-31-2012 11:49 AM

Exterior wiring above and below grade for hot tub in Pennsylvania
I'm installing a hot tub outside, in Pennsylvania, on a concrete pad adjacent to an existing deck. The first wire run will be inside from the 60 amp 240 volt breaker in the house service panel, in the basement, extending 34 feet under the first floor joists inside our basement . The second run will be through the house's exterior concrete foundation wall (23 inches above grade) and extending 17 feet (all above grade) under the outside deck floor joists to the 60 amp GFCI disconnect box. The third run will be from the service disconnect panel vertically down 4 feet (to get it 18 inches below grade), then horizontally 8 feet (18 inches below grade), then vertically 3 feet up to return above grade and into the hot tub connection panel. I have plenty of 6-3 NM (with bare ground) for the first run inside the basement. My questions relate to what I need for the second run through the foundation wall and extending above grade to the GFCI disconnect box, and for the third run, half of which will be buried below grade, from the GFCI disconnect box to the tub. I know I need to encase the third run in 1 inch non-metallic conduit, but does the wire need to be THHN, with 4 individual color-coded insulated wires, including the ground? And what about the second run - does that also need to be encased inside conduit, and if so, 4 individual THHN color-coded insulated wires? (If so, I suppose I’ll need to use a junction box in the basement to connect the first run NM to the second run THHN.)

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