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When he goes to work have someone come in and install the receptacle.


If it worked before you worked on it. You did something wrong.
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when he goes to work, throw out the lap top .
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Learning by Doing
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When he goes to work I go to work trying to fix this: http://picasaweb.google.com/lfwade/D...87161441381858

I get the point. Extension cords bad. Receptacles good. The NEC is that cut and dry and compliance with it is too. I get it. I am not even trying to argue that this is ok. It is a problem. My problem. Because I am the person who gets called to install a new receptacle.

The wall in question is made up of floor to ceiling windows and solid brick walls. I have run receptacles behind the baseboards in other rooms, but doing that would put the receptacle, you guessed it, behind the radiator or more than six feet from DH's desired location to plug-in.

Not to mention the fact that installation behind a 600lb+ radiator might be a bit of a pain, it wouldn't fix the problem because it would still have an electrical cord (albeit the one for the lap top) running under the radiator.

I guess I could cut holes in the 200 year old heart-of-pine flooring and mount a receptacle in the center of the room. It might not be what the builder (or the NEC) imagined when the house was built in 1803. I'm not looking for an excuse to go around the NEC - Maybe I should be looking for another husband...
If I could only remember to THINK about what I was doing before I did it.
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I have to agree with the new receptacle. Have a qualified electrician install it where it is needed, so that you don't need the extension cord.
I also like the idea of the extra laptop batteries. The only thing i don't like about running my laptop (an old Dell Inspiron 8100, 1GHZ) on battery is that it automatically steps the processor speed down to conserve battery.

After a fire several years ago in a home in my town where 4 children were killed, after there had been the smell of smoke earlier in the day, and FD was called, only to be unable to locate the source of the smoke, and give them the "all clear", then the fire late at night.
It was caused by a faulty refrigerator in the basement, which was connected to an extension cord which probably had too many things plugged into it, or was too small a cord for the load and caused a voltage drop, thereby causing the compressor on the refrig to eventually overheat (not a newer model with all the overtemp/overcurrent protection).

After this fire, the FD sent notices around warning of the dangers of extension cords.
It's too easy to overload them, and to have them get caught up under something, and get damaged.

Sorry I had to unleash a dragon here, but when someone mentions the word "extension cord" I cringe.
I am currently in the process of rewiring my home to update the wiring, and add new receptacles where they are needed. Still, we don't use extension cords unless they are for temporary use (like when I have a breaker turned off and someone just cannot do without the TV)

Enough said?

Back to my rewiring project.


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