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Jgarth, Darren is in Canada. His example is perfectly logical for his country.

Darren, please DO NOT forget that you are in Canada when giving such examples. The OP has stated that he is in the US.

moneymgmt, you CANNOT oversimplify your questions with such statements as "So lets forget about the rest of my house,", and "This box is feeding ONE appliance.... no other circuits.... which is rated for 100amps at max load. However, proper installation of this appliance requires 2 60amp breakers. Can I put 2 60amp breakers in a 100amp box.".
These are VERY relevant issues.
By asking the way you are asking you will definitely get the answer you are looking for. You will also get the WRONG information that will only serve to work against you.

IMO you really are fishing for the answers you want to hear. We get this A LOT.


Sometimes I feel like if I answer any more questions it is like someone trying to climb over a fence to jump off a bridge and me giving them a boost.
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Originally Posted by moneymgmt View Post
Looking to go electric on-demand hot water, the unit we need requires 2 60amp breakers but has a maximum draw of 100amps (that's what the manufacturer tells me). I only have 100 amp service as it is in my home, so we're talking at least 50 if not 100 additional amps run from the pole. My question: knowing it won't draw more than 100amps at max load, can I put 2 60amp breakers in a 100amp panel?

......that thing they call "code" always gets in my way
that part i put in bold and underline it so you can see the statement clear

total of 100 amp load on the tankless waterheater is 24 KW let me tell you this one thing very clear on this one if your house have exsting 100 amp exsting [ current what you have now ] servce and you only have one meter for this place if your main breaker say 100 amp and you want to run the tankless waterheater at full speed i am sure that the main breaker will trip with other loads you have on now in the house.

24 KW is alot of heating power if you not sure why just think a average electric stove typically useally about 8-10 KW range and get 3 electric stove running at full power the same time you will get the picture there pretty fast.

with this size of tankless waterheater normally we useally tell the comusmter to have the main service entrnace at least 200 amp or larger depending on the size and load demand calucations show up with this.

also the other thing what will happend is the POCO may not like this but will have to put in larger transformer for your home and some area they will have one transformer to feed up to 6-8 house and have that very powerfull tankless waterheater going on the first thing it will happen is the light will blink some degrees and it will bother some peoples

in fact i did allready deal with one house to upgrade from 200 to 400 amp serivice it was not cheap at all that ran about few thousand dollars

if you burn up the transformer by overloading with it the POCO will send you a very expensive electric bill for repair that one [ i am sure they will do that ]

Merci , Marc
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I'd love more info on the water heater. I've never heard of a 100A max use water heater. Do you have a link? The majority of tank type are only thirty amps. (thats max breaker, not max load.) Don't take the advice to upgrade service until it's determined that it is necessary. I love to challenge people to turn on everything in the house including the oven and take an amp reading. Unless the house is quite large you may be OK. All this is speculation without more info...
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Read the first post Andy. It's an ON DEMAND water heater. Big electricity hog. Gas type work much better.


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