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Originally Posted by mudworm View Post
Sound advice. Thank you. I am not satisfied with how the existing wiring was laid out and run (done by electricians) in this old house, I'm particular about how things should look in the end, and I don't feel comfortable telling others (incl. my own husband) what to do, so I took on this whole house wiring project on my own... just like all the other things in my life (wonder why I'm always so busy).

The house had 7 circuits in total, and now it'll have 22 once all are hooked up. Talk about a CB for everything . I pulled all the circuits to the panel and hired an electrician to do the panel upgrade. He's not all done yet -- he did hook up the complete circuits (vs. the open circuits that will require rough in inspection), and will still need to come back and install a second 12"x12" junction box behind the panel for cable clamping.

Since I marked every Romex cable end, so all he needed to do was to cut the sleeve off and slide it down the hot, but he didn't do that for all the circuits that were hooked up. No big deal. I knew I wanted to have the breakers arranged a certain way and I would like to mark all the neutrals too. So, instead of demanding him to do what I wanted, I think I'll just let him do his job. After that, I'll redo everything at the panel -- move, label, and dress the wires however I want .
I'm impressed.....you sound like my wife....she doesn't do electrical....but using my power tools is not a problem.....in fact, she just made me buy a Delta-Rockwell 14" bandsaw.....mean wife.....

One other thing.....make sure you make a drawing of where it all goes. Instead of just the cheesy old CB list on the door, I prefer a diagram of the floor plan....I put the CB # on the drawing where each load is. I also use a label maker to put a description next to the actual CB on what it controls. A lot easier than looking at the door and then over at the panel....

I use the Brother label maker that has the white tape....sticks to anything.


Even if you are on the right track, you will still get run over if you just sit there.

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Originally Posted by ddawg16 View Post
...she just made me buy a Delta-Rockwell 14" bandsaw.....
Can't imagine doing a DIY remodel without proper tools.
I buy all the tools and I like quality tools. Hubby just goes to work and tells people about the new toys he got at home. Table saw, Skil saw, tile saw, Sawzall, jig saw, oscillating saw, etc., you name it. Being a workaholic himself, he is completely hands-off at home, which suits me.

Originally Posted by ddawg16 View Post
...make sure you make a drawing of where it all goes....
Oh, you mean something like this? In the end, they will all be scanned and uploaded for backups.

Originally Posted by ddawg16 View Post
I use the Brother label maker that has the white tape....sticks to anything.
And like this?
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all looks good

As far as hiring an electrician so that you get a quality job. This is not always the case. You can't go off reputation of the company either. Because some electricians at one company might do very nice work and another electrician might hack it up. I put in a sub panel for a guy a couple weeks ago. The main panel wasn't put in that long ago by a local electrical contractor and it was a complete rats nest. Looked horrible and couldn't get to anything. When i got done with the sub panel the homeowner was telling his friend that my panels are like art work. It was almost comical to look at one panel then the other. Night and day difference, but both were done by "qualified personnel"


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