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ryan5068 08-12-2011 05:24 AM

Electrical wiring theater setup
I have a question on how many circuits to run and what size wire/amp breaker to use. Here is what I am planning on doing:

Circuit #1
Optoma HD20 Projector and Remote Screen
6 5" can lights rated for 75 watt max ( I use CFL's though)
3 Billet lights 50 watt max each
50 feet of LED rope light 1 watt per foot.

All wall recepticals (6.1 surround sound with subwoofer)
Possibly space heater of some sort and maybe a lamp or something
There will also be approximately 6-8 additional outlets that will probably never have anything plugged in.

I'd prefer to run all this on 15 amp circuits since 14/2 is much easier to work with.


gregzoll 08-12-2011 06:55 AM

Keep the lighting isolated from the electronics. That means having them on their own circuit. Currently how large is the service to the house now, and how old is it?

ryan5068 08-13-2011 02:17 AM

200 amp service and the house was built in 2006. Well that really sucks about keeping them seperate as I am running out of breaker space. Should I do the projector and all the electronics on one and all the lights on the other then. Would a 20 amp be enough to hold the projector and audio equiptment. I am not looking to buy a really high powered surround system but something decent. Thanks

bobelectric 08-13-2011 05:24 AM

I agree with gregzoll. I would run 20 amp circuits for receptacles,15 for lighting,dedicated circuit for projector.

gregzoll 08-13-2011 07:17 AM

It is about keeping the noise from the high use electrics like hvac, dryer, electric stove if you have, etc from the electronics. Put in a Sub-panel for the home theater. Tripp Lite is one of the best companies out there for isolation transformers, and electronic racks. Especially if you are spending thousands in projector, and a/v equipment. If you plan on staying there for over ten years, I would spend the money. You can get away with a rack mount type surge suppressor/isolation transformers.

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