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tien009 07-21-2012 10:19 PM

Electrical wiring/ switch wiring - mixed wires
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I recently installed a ceiling fan in my living room with great success! Just yesterday, I was attempting to put in a new light fixture in the room next door. I had forgotten to turn off the breaker and was zapped and bit, and just quickly took down the fixture without thinking about taking a mental picture of the wires. Thus where my problem ensues. My ceiling fan int he room next door now no longer works. The switches are on the same side of the wall, so likely same breaker?

Now my problem...I dont know which wires go to which. Some of the wires were left in tact, which is good.. Ie.. there is a white wire attached to one of the 4 thick/yard wires. Also there are three other thick/yarn wrapped wires, and then one black wire.

Im having difficulties with this. I have a multimeter which I went to Lowes, and used it to find the ' hot out '. The only problem is is that I have three wires, the thin black one, a thick yarned black one, and the thick yarned black one that is attached to the white that all make a sound when i connect the wires to both hot in and hot out on the light switch plate. when the light switch is turned off they all make a noise like you lost a question on the game show when i touch the hot out. when i turn the switch on, it makes a a happpier beep on the hot out. This is for all three of those before mentioned wires!

Trial and Error: I attached the thick, single black wire that beeped when switch was on in hot out position with my multimeter to the black on my new light fixture. I attached the white to my white that was still connected tot he other thick black yard wire. I then connected all the other wires (two other thick black and thin black together) Now what this did is it turned the new light fixture on, but it is always on... regardless of when switch is off or on. Ceiling fan next door still does not work.

Trial 2 - I also tried attaching thin black with thin black on new light fixture. white with the thick black attached to white. I left others loose. This made nothing work.

My next attempt, leave as is, but instead connect the loose wires from trial two? thus, three thicks?

Any advice would be so greatly appreciated! 100 year old home!

MisterZ 07-21-2012 10:53 PM

Thats a lot of info. You may want to call in a professional to sort it all out.
If your still gung ho about doing this yourself, you need to learm a few things.

Most impotantly how to identify wires. A nice wireless continuity tester work wonders if you know how to use it.
Do this with the power off of course. I domt wanna say too much. My suggestion stands, call someone in;)

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