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jonathanm1978 01-30-2006 10:49 PM

Electrical wiring
I'm trying to wire what was 2 seperate switches..i bought a double switch and didnt know that i had a single pole switch on one side (black to white connection) and i'm guessing dual pole on the other. the 1st switch controlled a light, which when its turned on works fine. the second switch controlled 2(two) seperate wall plugs, and the way its wired now i only have power to one plug. I have a dual switch with 4 regular screws and the ground screw...the single pole is wired up black one side, white on the other, and the other line i have the black tied together with a wire nut and the white is wired to the switch to break the circuit when turned. Why do i only have juice on 1 of the plugs? the existing wiring is not dual pole to either of the plugs, its an ending wire at both electrical the line doesnt continue from one plug to the other. Please help!!!!?

mcruickshank 02-03-2006 12:57 PM

only half the outlet is tied to the switch
This is somewhat typical. But only half the outlet is controlled by the switch. This is so you can have a floor lamp or table lamp on the controlled half of the outlet by the switch without effecting the other half. Try toggling the switch to see if the other half of the outlet works.

Good luck,

Average Guy

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