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katy14 12-05-2010 01:02 PM

electrical voltage
I have only 95V at the light switch and only 7 volts at the light. It was working fine several days ago. I have 122V at the breaker. What could cause the voltage to have dropped?

gregzoll 12-05-2010 01:53 PM

How are you measuring voltage? have you made any changes by replacing the light, or messing with the switch before this problem appeared?

katy14 12-05-2010 01:57 PM

I changed out the switch about a month ago.

gregzoll 12-05-2010 01:59 PM

Again, what are you using to measure the voltage? It is possible that you are seeing "Phantom" voltage at the light, is why you are seeing 7 volts. I would venture to guess that since you just recently replaced the switch, that something got messed up in that junction box, and needs to be double checked for loose connections.

katy14 12-05-2010 02:07 PM

I am using a digital multi-meter to check the voltage.

gregzoll 12-05-2010 02:11 PM

Then you are getting Phantom voltage. Go back and check the wiring at the light switch for loose connections.

katy14 12-05-2010 02:14 PM

Connections are good and tight at the switch and i also checked the connection at the breaker. It is good also.

gregzoll 12-05-2010 02:21 PM

Did you visually look at the connections at the switch, or actually take the connections apart at the wire nuts and switch, and reconnect? Go back and double check everything, even if you have to put another light switch on the light to make sure that you do not have a bad switch. Post a picture of the switch when you have done the above if it still does not work.

joed 12-05-2010 02:23 PM

Where are you measuring the voltage? What two points? Measure to neutral not to ground. Sounds like an open neutral and you are measuring to ground.

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