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terryob 05-24-2011 12:59 AM

electrical run to guest room
I have no power to guest room lights and outlets. I ohmed out the nuetral and hot and was 14 ohms. reconnected to panel and no power to room. I ran jumper to feed into room main box with switches and all lights and power work but have no voltage feedbach on hot to panel. what is easiest way to trace wire from third floor light switch box to panel to find problem

sirsparksalot 05-24-2011 01:11 AM

I don't mean to be hateful, but none of the steps which you outlined make sense to me. Try rewording those steps you took, for me?

In the meantime, check for tripped GFCIs. I know it doesn't sound sensical for a guestroom circuit, but you never know how someone else wired the circuits.

I suppose there's no tripped breakers? Check them again because when they trip, they don't shut all the way off, the breaker switch goes to the middle; check by hand to make sure they are all on.

terryob 05-24-2011 02:13 AM

circuit breaker in panel is gfci type. changed that no help
1. we have power at output of gfci in panel box
2. there is a box in bedroom with 2 switches
3. there are 4 sets of wires. 1 input power run, 1 output directly to wall outlet not switched, and 2 switched output sets.
4.we have no power to input power run at switch box.
5. I removed nuetral and hot at panel gfci breaker and twisted together shorting them. went up to 3rd floor to switch box ohmed the neutral and hot which was 14 ohms. went back to panel box downstairs and untwisted pair-went back upstais retested and was open. this tells me we had the correct pair with continuity.
6.with panel box pair disconnected i used a test jumper(extension cord with two clips on the end) connected them to neutral and hot in switch box and all switches and lights in the room worked. I went back to service panel and checked for voltage on the hot wire and there was no voltage there.
7. even though we had coninuity from switch box on 3rd floor to service panel on ground floor of 14 ohm there was no voltage present at service panel.
8. this tells me that the hot wire from service panel to switch box has the problem.
9. we have no electrical prints, we checked every gfci breaker in the house and all were working fine.
10. what is the best method to find were the break is in the hot wire from the third floor to the other end of the wire at service panel on the ground floor without punching holes in the walls. three floors worth

sirsparksalot 05-24-2011 03:23 AM

OK, first off the resistance test you did did not indicate that you had the same pair of wires; a short would have read full scale on an alanlog meter, and 0Ω on a digital, indicating a short. The 14Ω you read was from something either plugged in, or the fillament of a light bulb - you did not have the correct pair upstairs when you measured the resistance. Forget that test.

Put everything back together as it was.

You have outlets and lights that aren't working. 1st: is this a ceiling light that the switch controls, or does the switch control a receptacle with a lamp plugged into it, or possibly both?

You can take the two black wires off of one of the switches (hopefully, the one that goes to the overhead light) temporarily short them together (shut off the breaker first). If the lights come on, the switch is bad. Do this with the other switch as well, and check the receptacles for voltage.

Post back with results.

NJMarine 05-24-2011 05:32 AM

While doing the ohm test might or might not confirm you have the same circuit. AS stated previously it could be showing a bulb in a fixture or something plug into an outlet.
If only a guest room why is it on a gfic. That might give a clue that it is feeding an area where this protection is required, ie outside or bathroom outlet.
You need to check that nothing else is on this circuit.
You try to trace the circuit with tone test

terryob 05-24-2011 05:58 PM

electrical problem to guest bedroom
went back today to continue to troubleshoot and found that, while you enter a job started by another tech you should always start from the beginning.
6 condos in a row, electrical panel 1 foot away from second apartment door just happened to be the electrical panel for the 3rd condo.
Reset the gfi breaker in the second panel from the end that was tripped and miracles happened in the room. Lights, TV and clocks in outlets started working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1:laughing::laughing::laughi ng:

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