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karicheti72 12-27-2010 02:08 AM

electrical earthing
Recently I installed an Analog to digital converter instrument at an induastry. 3 phase power was procured to the cabin for lighting one phase, air condition one phase and one phase for instrumentation.

If i run the system on alternate power through Inverter then UPS, my system counts keep on fluctuating continuesly. two times A/D card also failed.

if i run the system only on UPS then there is no fluctuation. why it was like that.

I suspect on earthing. then done one seperate earthing for the metal body of the console and one saperate earth for the direct earth running through electrical point. though problrm not solved.

pl help.


Syam Kumar

AllanJ 12-27-2010 08:47 AM

Normally all earthing wires and conductors are connected togehter (bonded) wherever they come together.

If you are getting voltage fluctuations from your inverter and uninterruptible power supply then either that equipment is malfunctioning or incorrectly connected or not the right kind for your system.

You may not operate a 3 phase system with two phase to phase sources each with a center tapped neutral (earthed) connection and each conneceted to a different pair of phase lines unless one or both is the center tapped secondary of a transformer whose primary is connected to two phase lines.

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