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Crescent 05-01-2007 03:34 PM

Electrical contact problem/Compressor
I'm trying to run a BelAire 10hp compressor, which uses 3phase. I have a Delta high leg with 240, 120, 120. So I have the three phase, I've run 8 gauge Service Cord with 3pole 50 amp breakers. The problem I'm having is with the contact of Compressor, it keeps blowing. At this time I'm using a 30amp contact. Do I need to use any specific contact? In other words, 120 or 240 volt, 30, 40, or 50 amp contact, Because of the Delta I had to use the 8 gauge wire and upgrade from 30 to 50 amp breakers. Are these type of connections going to blow up my compressor motor? If anybody, I mean anybody who knows about this please let me know what you may know about this. Any input is better than none at this point.


jwhite 05-01-2007 08:17 PM

HP on a compressor is often the work that the air will do, not the rating of the motor. What is the HP rating, or amps of the motor.

Because a service is delta with a high leg does not matter for three phase loads. This cannot be the reason why you had to upsize the wires. Is purhaps your motor rated for 208 and you are running it on 240? What is the name plate voltage of the motor.

What do you mean by blowing contacts? How many times have you had to replace them? Or are you just reseting heaters?

Crescent 05-02-2007 09:44 AM

The contact is not engaging on its own, when i manually press the contact in the origanal 24v coil blows. The heater seems fine but incase what do i look for? I question the coil voltage, how do i know the correct voltage to have? The origanal contact was 3phase 30FLA 40 Amp Res. per Pole 600v Max with a 24v 50/60 Hz coil. What am i missing?


jwhite 05-02-2007 06:31 PM


Originally Posted by Crescent (Post 43127)
What am i missing?


The entire picture, including the proper terms to describe it.

What the ... do you mean by blowing???????

What type of control circuit do you have with 24 volt coils????

Why do you think you can fix it yourself, when you cant even discribe the problem?

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