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Electrical Connection for Beverage Pump


I have an odd question. One of my hobbies is coffee so I have a La Marzocco espresso machine. It's used for more catering companies than homes or businesses....it's a high end machine.

Anyways, there's a pump and motor that gets connected to the espresso machine via two or three wires and a water hose. To get an idea, you can see a picture of a similar motor in the attached file.

The pump fits on the end and of it, it has a capacitor on top, and the two or three wires attach on the left hand side. The other end goes to the espresso machine.

My oddball question is can somebody recommend a way to plug it into the machine? I would like to mount the motor in the cabinet below and have the wires and water go behind the cabinet and end up on top. This would be run in a half-wall for about a foot. I know running electrical cables and a water line through a wall are a no-no, but drilling a hole in the counter is even worse (for the wife).

Since this is the case, I have a feeling that I will have to run romex or flex conduit from the base cabinet to the upper part of the counter. As for the water, will a SS flex hose work? What kind of electrical connector can I put on the end of it? I don't want to use a regular socket because I wouldn't want somebody to get confused. Nonetheless, I don't know if there are socket types out there that would fit in a conduit box and would prevent soembody from accidently plugging something else into it.

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I can't see your image, but I have worked on beverage dispensing machinery before.

Assuming you are not talking about modifying the machine itself, the correct method is to install an appropriate receptacle at counter height and plug it in. If it is designed to be hardwired, do the the same, except replace the receptacle with a blank plate that has a knockout in the center, and secure the device's pigtail/whip/cord/whateveryouchoosetocallit to the plate with an appropriate clamp.

The liquid lines, as far as I care, you can run any old way you like. I don't do plumbing. The last one I saw had a big bundle of tubes that just went through a 3" hole in the floor.


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Ah, I know exactly what you're talking about. That makes a lot of sense.

Thanks for the response!
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