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Electrical box install in RV

Short version, old RV installed a home style 60amp breaker box. Depending where I go I have to swap the hot and nuetral to get power to the systems in RV. Going into the RV I have the green to ground and the white to one side of the distribution bus and the black to the other. the box is grounded through the frame of the RV. It worked fine at the house and when I went to a park i had to switch the wires in the plug, the hot and nuetral (black and white) then it worked fine there. I got home and now I have to swap agian. PLEASE advise and thank you in advance for any assistance!


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Which type of plug you are using the TT-30? or other and do you have any 240 volts in there if not you should not able switch it around all the time.

once you tell us what type of your plug have we will tell you the correct confreagion you should not have to swap all the time.



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I ran a heavy duty cord into the curcuit breaker box, gree to the ground buss white to one set/sde contact and black to the other. in essences the white is not part of the circuit. Sorry as you can tell i am not an electrician, any advise on how to hook up a three wire cord to a breaker box would be great, Thank you

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Are you connecting to 30 amp or 50 amp service in the RV park? The 30 amp service is not two 115v legs, whereas the 50 amp service is.

See here for info: http://www.myrv.us/electric/
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Aziel, On your first post you said your RV had a " home style 60amp breaker box" That is a 120/240 type Service Panel that gets power similar to the diagram below.

Azel you have your panel miswired, you said:
  • Green to Ground &
  • Black & White to the side contacts
The way I read this is that what you are calling Ground is the Neutral Bus, and the two "side" contacts are the A & B 120V Power Buses. Tell me it is not so

Your description of the the way it is wired so that it works at home leads me to two possibilities:
1)The Black & White wires are actually connected to 240V in your home receptacle and the Neutral path is the Green Wire ground, or
2)The Black wire is 120V, & White is Neutral BUT this would mean only half of your potential circuit breaker positions would work

Originally Posted by vsheetz View Post
Are you connecting to 30 amp or 50 amp service in the RV park?....
The RV parks with the The 30 Amp 120V service could cause you to have to switch Black/White polarity. The RV Parks with 50 Amp 120/240V Service would probable work without switching. But then you would need another type of connector to connect to a 50 Amp Park receptacle. Is this true?

Attached Pics might help
The service panel pic shows how the AC power comes into your house.

Their are two 120V legs that feed the breakers, i.e. 120V measured to the Neutral bus.

The 240V is obtained by adding the two 120V lines. V1+V2= 240V

There should be NO current through the Ground connection unless there is a fault..

Attached Thumbnails
Electrical box install in RV-panel-2a.jpg   Electrical box install in RV-panel-3.jpg  
& Stay Safe
.....Bob Lavery

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I will try and take a picture tonight. It is 30amp I guess to sum it up I am using the popup as the end of an extension cord if that makes sense. From the rookie point of view I took the end off of an extension cord and connected it to a breaker box. when I test with a meter I get 115v from one wire Black, that wire is hooked to three of the six distribution contacts, whit is hooked up to the other three contacts (not used) and the green to the (what I would call the ground buss) sorry if this does not make sense I WILL take a picture tonight and load it tomorrow. Thank You!


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