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needh3lp 07-24-2012 11:59 PM

I need help with an electrical problem that I have. We have an issue with an electricity which involves the the electric stove and the power outlets in the house, every now and then the power goes out in the house or the power outlets stop working, but if I turn on a burner on the stove the power outlets get power and we're able to get the lights working.

when this happens, I switch the fuses on and off several times but sometimes this doesn't work

kbsparky 07-25-2012 05:00 AM

You have lost one of your incoming lines.

Best to call an electrician to replace that fuse box.

joed 07-25-2012 12:19 PM

Problem could be on the POCO side. replacing the box is not the solution yet. You need to find where the loose connection is and repair it if possible. If the problem is out at the power pole or transformer then replacing the box will not help.

Amazingglazier 07-27-2012 05:40 PM

Had a friend call me one day, said his elderly neighbor was stuck in his house with a few lights on but no heat. went over to see what I could do . Checked the legs at the panel naturally one was out. went out looked at the drop on both sides, saw green corrosion on the pole side. swithched his boiler breaker to the other leg and called poco, which was lilco at the time now Lipa. Told them the story saying they need to send someone out to check the drop, they said call an electrician ask fo a supervisor was told none were available. The old guy and his sick wife where grateful to now have heat but were very afraid of the electric! Saw 2 line truck guys at the 7-11 and relayed the story, they said they could do nothing without a service order, they went back to their BSing. Went to the LILCO OFFICE IN hEWLET AND RAISED HELL! They were going to call the cops, finally a guy walks over , told him the story and gave him the truck numbers, he said he'd get it checked out, thanked him and left. Went back to the house passing the 2 line trucks, one of them showed up 2 hours later and cleaned the connection. I wonder if now they are on the NYS retirement system now since Lipa took them over and am glad the ceo got his $167,000,000 Golden Parachute!

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