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electric usage

My electric bill is very high more even than over the winter months when we used more. Does anyone know how I can check on things to see why we use so much? Last year hot water was run off the wood so electric hot water was deleted and we have a gas stove. The only large 220 stuff is dryer and water pump. We have been real careful on electrical usage but we seem to use more when we use less. Is there something in the system I can look at that might be drawing more due to some malfunction? Any suggestions welcome, Chris


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Have you checked your bills over the past year?
Do you track total Kwh used each month?
Or are you going by monthly electric cost?
Are you on well water? = you mention water pump
If this is not working correclty it can eat up some power


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Assuming you haven't just made a change in activity (i.e., you turned the air conditioning on for the first time, had a baby and are washing 3 times as many sheets, etc.) and hot water isn't an issue, look to see if you have leaks in your water system that would cause the well to run, or if the well itself is waterlogged.
Bad gaskets on the refridgerater door or clogged coils on the fridge are problems. If you just got a new fridge and put the old one in your 120 degree garage to keep beer in, go on the wagon
A/C units are usually the worst culprits, either from low freon, clogged coils, malfunctioning thermostats, or you just like it too cool (sorry, but sometimes that's the issue). I've seen units that had the heat strips and cooling unit running simultaneously (very expensive).
Assuming everything is hunky-dory, make sure your meter readings are correct compared to your bill. When all else fails, start making a daily log of your meter reading. Then on the day it suddenly increases, see what it was you were doing that day (laundry??) that might have caused it.

As a last resort, you can get the POCO to test your meter (most POCO's do this once for free). Since you only get the freebie once every 5 years or so, I wouldn't do this until all else fails, because it is rarely a bad meter.
Very rarely.
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Look in here
Reading electromechanical meters

You can use your wattmeter as an ammeter and isolate the drain. Also, it should read zero with everything off.

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Originally Posted by 221/222 View Post
Had a freind with the same problem there was a hole in the pipe in the well caseing,So it run all the time
Been there, done that for my parents. I put a hanging T in so it wouldn't be a pita to replace the pump the next time.
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I have no idea how they come up with my charge. I have been home for several years now and have yet to see a meter reader. I do not have the newer type meter either. Just the old style wheel and clocks.
I was going to call them, but my wife said the bills were pretty low, about average. But something tells me I'm getting jipped. But if I call, they may start to read it again, then my bill might go up? The hell with it. I'm calling. It's bugging me now.

OP.....Why did you do this?
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mystery of (unusually) high electric bills

Originally Posted by Scuba_Dave View Post
Have you checked your bills over the past year?
Do you track total Kwh used each month?
Or are you going by monthly electric cost?
Are you on well water? = you mention water pump
If this is not working correclty it can eat up some power
As in LRA. (Locked Rotor Amperage). Or, the shaft of the pump is misaligned. I doubt it, though. Because you would hear abnormal noise of grinding and there would be excessive heat. In the Northeast, though in the large cities, the summer eats up more Kwh. than in winter, when the Natural gas bills are higher. (Now more than ever) Don't Drink and Drive!!!


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