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av-geek 04-18-2013 11:59 AM

Electric power consumption meters
I purchased a "Watts Up" meter, and it's great for plugging appliances in and finding out how much power they use, and what the monthly average is to operate that appliance. It is great for being able to trim down the electric bill. You just plug it in, and then plug the appliance into it.

What I would like though is something exactly like this, but something that will work for hard-wired and 240volt appliances. I know there are technician type clamp-on ammeters for testing purposes, but I was looking for something I could leave on an electric line for a few days to get an average calculation for things like the water heater, air conditioner, etc.

What would be really cool if there is some sort of system where I could install several of these monitors that talk back to a central data collector, and then I could monitor the usage of power across all these devices. Does any such system exist? Just curious...I am a data collection geek, and I love to see how I can tweak and improve the way I am using things.

mpoulton 04-18-2013 01:59 PM

Such systems do exist.

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