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jeh154 08-08-2010 10:43 AM

Electric Outlets under wood flooring
Hi, we are moving into a new condo with concrete floors. I am getting engineered wood flooring which is not installed yet. I want 3 electric outlets placed in the wood flooring thru out room so I don't have to have long cords to wall outlets. I was told by the sales person for upgrades that that can't be done. I have a feeling that was wrong info and she just didn't want to bother getting that info from their electricians. Am I right? If yes, how would that be done and what equipment would be needed ? Thanks in advance for any help. I hope it can be done before the floors are laid. Jane

Scuba_Dave 08-08-2010 10:47 AM

You would need to check with the condo assoc as to how the concrete floors were poured
Some floors you need to be very careful when you cut into them
Also check with the condo assoc to see if it is OK to cut into the floors

You can put floor outlets in
With concrete its more work unless you build a raised floor

nap 08-08-2010 03:50 PM

unless you own the space below this floor, it most likely is not going to happen. To install floor receps, you would have to cut a hole into the concrete for a junction box to fit into. Then, you would need to drill completely through the floor and access the box from the floor below. That means, your wiring would be within the lower tenants space. Most likely not a possibility.

Now, depending on how thick the concrete is, you might be able to cut long trenches into the concrete and lay conduit in them to provide access to the junction box for the recep. Then, depending on how things are laid out, you might have to tear open a wall to be able to connect that conduit to an existing circuit.

so, if neither of those 2 actions sound like possibilities, an extension cord it is.

Now, if this is real new and the concrete hasn't been poured yet, it would not the that difficult to install the floor receps. Nothing money won't fix anyway.

Jupe Blue 08-09-2010 10:05 AM


Consult with your flooring people and an electrical contractor about your project. There are materials that you might be able to use. I recently saw an ad for a flat cable system that went on the surface of a wall. Maybe can be adapted for your application.

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