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mike4 03-26-2009 01:20 PM

Electric Baseboard heat
I am in the process of finishing my basement approx, 800sq ft. one side above grade with three double windows and one double door. I am considering putting in electric baseboard heat, how much would I need? I was considering 3 six foot sections(4,500watts), one under each window is that sufficient? Also I am hearing about hydronic heat...which is better...
Another concern I have is air conditioning. I have already check my existing system and found it to be sized for the upper two floors and cutting into existing duct work may be too much of a burden on my existing system. Would it hurt my existing system to just cut into the return air duct, that way I can keep air circulating down there. Because the space in below grade in the front and sloping down on the sides temperatures stay fairly constant.

kbsparky 03-26-2009 04:55 PM

The heat-loss factors of your basement play a large part in how much BB heating you might need.

Starting with the geographical location of your house, how much residual heat you already have, amount of insulation, quality of windows, etc.

Some folks use 10 watts per square foot as a general rule of thumb for heating calculations, but with basement areas, that may be overkill.

I'd opt for a "Manual J" calculation to see if 4500 watts is enough. :yes:

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