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Tmorgs 07-05-2012 02:35 PM

lights & plugs went out in a few rooms not all rooms, CHECKED all plugs that are out,all look good, changed breaker with no success, so confussed

tylernt 07-05-2012 03:14 PM


Originally Posted by Tmorgs (Post 958606)
lights & plugs went out in a few rooms not all rooms, CHECKED all plugs that are out,all look good, changed breaker with no success, so confussed

Does the breaker immediately trip? Or does it stay on, and you get no power?

Assuming it does not trip, is there a GFCI receptacle anywhere on this circuit? It may be tripped, cutting power to downstream devices. If so, use the black Reset button on it.

If it's not a GFCI, use a neon circuit tester or multimeter in 120VAC mode to see if you have voltage from hot (the small blade in an outlet) to ground (the round hole in an outlet). If it lights up, your neutral is broken. Check all connections at the neutral bus bar in the breaker box, one may be loose. Warning -- live voltage is present inside a breaker box even with the MAIN breaker OFF -- use extreme caution or call an electrician!

If your breaker box neutral bus bar is OK, you probably have a broken connection. Flip that breaker off and remove the covers from affected receptacles, pull each receptacle, and verify you have secure connections via curled wires to side terminals. If you find any backstabs, pull them out and curl them at least 180 and attach to the side terminals. If you find any cracked receptacles, or ones that rattle when shaken, replace them. If you have any receptacles that are "tired" -- don't hold on tightly to cords plugged into them -- replace them. If they're more than 20 years old, replace them.

If all the receptacles are good, now you have to start pulling light fixtures. Undo each wirenut connection and verify good connections and wire condition, then re-nut.

I'm assuming you have copper wiring except for the leads going to light fixtures. If you find aluminum house wiring, STOP, turn that breaker OFF, and call an electrician!

Tmorgs 07-05-2012 04:17 PM

all reciptcals look good, all light switches look good, all wiring in fuse box looks good no loose wiresGFCI is on another circuit, doing light fixtures now, wish me luck

Tmorgs 07-05-2012 04:46 PM

no luck need help!!!

tylernt 07-05-2012 04:54 PM


Originally Posted by Tmorgs (Post 958667)
all reciptcals look good

Just because it looks good, doesn't mean it is. I had an issue where plugging anything into a receptacle made the room lights turn on -- unplug and the lights went out. The receptacle had failed internally (old, brittle plastic) and replacement was the only solution. There was nothing visibly wrong with the receptacle -- it only cracked upon removal. That's why I suggested replacing old receptacles, regardless of condition.

Your problem may also be in a receptacle that still works. Often circuits are wired daisy-chain, so the first outlet in the chain might still be working but nothing downstream will. You'll need to turn off every breaker except the problem circuit, then start testing every receptacle for power. If you find one with power, that's likely to be where the broken connection is.

J. V. 07-06-2012 10:06 AM

You have not provided enough information for any one to help you. What steps have you taken? Why did you replace the breaker? Have you opened up any boxes and inspected the actual wiring? Until you do the most basic functions, no one can help.
If you cannot or do not understand basic electricity and the dangers involved, please consult someone that is qualified. This site is here to help people. Not all people are up to the task. Are you?

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