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hockeyfan33 03-05-2007 01:23 PM

eave outlets
I am wanting to mount 3 or 4 outlets around my house UNDER THE EAVES for the specific use of seasonal lighting (esp. christmas----my house looks like the North Pole at this time of year). I am always spending a day or so putting the lights up then another day or so running several extension cords, which presents a major fire hazard (not to mention tripping!). I am planning for 1 curcuit which will be 20A direct fed from its own breaker. A feed-thru GFI will be the 1st outlet on this line. QUESTION---Is this legal?

Speedy Petey 03-05-2007 03:42 PM

Absolutely. This is becoming a very common thing. It's been done for a long time for roof de-icing cables.

I would suggest at least two circuits though. Maybe three.

joed 03-05-2007 05:58 PM

I would put the GFCI inside the house along with a switch. Last thing you want is to need to get a ladder out to reset the GFCI in the middle of winter.

hockeyfan33 03-05-2007 10:00 PM

This is great news! I am doing this tomorrow. I found I only need 3 outlets under the eaves for the roof lights---my wife is scared of the larger C7 or C9 bulbs and has always insisted that we put up the mini-lites! ( note the optimum word--WE!)

I think one 20A service is adequate for this.

This now presents another question. I only have 3 outlets in my garage. 1is in the ceiling for the garage door opener (it's the same curcuit as my central heat). The next outlet I just added the other day---Dedicated 20A to a single outlet for the freezer (not a duplex). The third is a GFI on the wall just above my freezer (chest type). It is tied to 3 other outlets, 1 on the front porch, 1 on the back patio, 1 one in my master bath under the whirlpool tub. PLANS ARE TO LEAVE THIS CURCUIT ALONE!

I want to add other outlets in the garage and of course the 1st in the curcuit is to be a feed-thru GFI. QUESTION: Can I tap off of this and go thru to the outside for 2 or 3 boxes in my flower beds for low-voltage lighting transformers?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

joed 03-06-2007 05:47 PM

There are no restrictions in the code to forbid exterior receptacles onthe same circuit as the garage. Yes you can do it.

crecore 03-06-2007 08:07 PM

i put a single gfi protected receptacle in my garage and then the soffit receptacles are tied to that one. you can do the same with landscape lights. btw, your whirlpool receptacle should be on a dedicated gfi.

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