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downunder 09-09-2010 04:40 PM

Dual-brite motion detector light to operate second light?
Hopefully someone can tell me if this is possible.

I have a Zenith motion detector porch light-mounted beside the door-that has a "Dual-Brite" feature, in other words it can come on at half power until motion activates it to come on at full power. But the real electricians here probably already know what it does.

My question is:
Can this light be wired to operate a second porch light through the motion detector only while in the dual-brite setting? I want the second (ceiling) light to only come on when motion is detected but not be controlled by the dual-brite feature of the door light. The only way I can get it to operate now is basically to be slaved to the door light. Doing it that way the ceiling light comes on at low power just like the door light does and goes to high power when motion is detected.

The controller has an extra red wire that was terminated from the factory and has a label to use only for "optional" wiring. I thought this was a motion detector "hot" feed but apparently not so. There is another red wire that is factory connected to the black that goes to the lamp socket.

And of course the black from the switch, the whites, and the ground.

Before anyone suggests this, I have already contacted Heath/Zenith and gotten a generic wiring schematic that was no help at all and my second email has not been answered at all.

frenchelectrican 09-09-2010 09:45 PM

If I recall it correct the extra red wire is used for remote lamp mount so you will have two luminaire are on the same function as the primary { main } luminaire and the function will follow the main one.

If you don't understand the wiring diagram just send to one of us or post it here we can able translated it for ya.


downunder 09-10-2010 03:48 PM


Thanks for your offer to explain the wiring diagram but frankly, in my opinion if someone cannot connect color to color then they don't need to be doing high voltage wiring. My problem is that the instructions for optional wiring says in part, "Strip the motion sensor's red wire and connect to the standard light's black wire." I read this as the red wire coming from the motion sensor as opposed to the main control circuit inside the box. But I tend to think as you pointed out, that the red wire is simply connecting a hot feed to a clone of the original fixure and whatever is on at the first is what you get at the second.

I used the original porch light (beside the door) box to feed out of for power to a ceiling fan that I installed when I bumped out my front porch to make it a real porch instead of just an entry stoop. When I did that I just connected the fan black to the original black for the (now) door light. When I took the fan down and just put a ceiling light there I wired it in there at the ceiling but just didn't take time to go back into the wiring at the door light untill the other day.

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