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minxman 08-16-2007 04:30 AM

Dryerless in West Africa!!!
I just moved to West Africa a 240V enviroment and I have a U.S Dryer that I cannot get to work, the electrician claims it is a 4 wire dual phase appliance and I need to get a Dual-phase step down transfromer. Can anyone help me with some accurate information on how to get this to work?? It is the raining season here and it rains for 6.5 out of 7 days so I am in dire straights.

varickwt 08-20-2007 11:32 AM

Dryerless in Africa
I feel for you man! I wish I could tell you but I would be VERY careful to have anyone touch the dryer there. I have looked in vain to try and buy a dryer for my house in Cote D'Ivoire to no avail but may be able to import one from Europe. American appliances will burn out very quickly there unless you have a voltage regulator/transformer as there are surges with the voltage and it fries the wires...I would like to know where you are located?

Really I only need mine for towels, sheets and things that are very the meantime I would get some folding racks and set them up inside if you have fans or a/c.

We had to make plug intransformers from parts bought seperately for Japanese machines to step them down. I would contact an online company and I am sure someone can help you put this together.

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