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Lost in Washington 12-22-2008 04:07 AM

Dryer Recepticle Issue.. LOST!
Okay, I live in an older house. I know that there was some severe handiman work done in here.. But here is my great question of confusion....

I have replaced the old 3 prong dry plug with a new 4 prong 220 recepticle.... When I test the wires coming into the plug, there is 120 on both legs to the nuetral...

When I attempt to start the dryer with a load of clothes in it...The dryer doesn't want to start. When I test the connections of the new recepticle under load of attempting to start the dryer, one leg drops to nothings on the meter and the other leg of reads 240.... I am lost...

This one is getting really frustrating.. I hope someone has a good idea..

InPhase277 12-22-2008 04:16 AM

The neutral is open somewhere. Start at the receptacle. Make sure the wire is under the lug properly. Also, make sure the wire isn't broken where it enters the box. Then move on to the fuse or breaker panel and tighten the neutral there.

Speedy Petey 12-22-2008 05:41 AM

WHY did you change it in the first place?
Were there four wire in the box?

Stubbie 12-22-2008 10:40 AM

As Speedy said did you have 4 wires to connect the new 4 wire dryer receptacle??
If the existing dryer was connected via a 3 prong plug you likely only have a 3 wire supply to the dryer receptacle box.
I'm assuming you are trying to connect a new dryer that has a 4 prong dryer cord??
You can't do this properly without a 4 wire supply to the receptacle.

We need some details

1.) Does your supply wiring to the dryer have 4 wires H-H-Neutral and bare ground??? Or is it 3 wires H-H-bare neutral. Describe what you have.

2.) Are you installing a new or used Dryer and this prompted you to change receptacles??

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