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Down lights placement issues?

Hi, I'm a complete newbie when it comes to this stuff.

I am installing some down lights ready for a qualified electrician to come through and wire them up for me, trying to save money everywhere I can. I'm installing 5 lights in a straight line on each side of the room, 10 in total. The type of down lights that I purchased were the mains power halogen type, they run on 240v and do not require a transformer. Same as these only silver...
In the instructions it says to keep 100m clear of any insulation material around the light for ventilation as they obviously generate a lot of heat. This is not an issue as I have not laid the insulation in that part of the roof yet. I do have 2 other issues though that I am a bit concerned about.

Firstly. I marked out where I wanted to install the down lights and cut out the holes for them only to realize that on one side of the room I am very close the beams in the roof. As the beams are actually slightly bowed I have had to chip away at a few of them to make the down light fit. Is it going to be an issue having these lamps so close to the wood?

Secondly. Where I need to install one of the lights to keep everything looking symmetrical, it is about 150mm to 200mm away from a large airconditioning duct and the duct work in the roof is directly over the top where the light needs to be. I'm a bit stuck at the moment with what options I have in regards to this with heat being my major concern. One option that I can think of is moving the entire duct but that seems like a lot of work and quite frankly I don't want to do that. Is there something that I can do or make up so the heat will be dispersed away from the duct work.

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Down lights placement issues?

Hi Ads79, I had to join up this chatroom so that I could reply to your post, as it seems you didnt get an answer. I guess you maybe have already had these lights installed, but for others reading this thread I have two solutions.

1. Replace those Halogen lamps for a LED replacement bulb, but of course you will need a transformer. LED's use much less power and generate much less heat, but these are not for everyone due to preference.

2. Get "downlight covers" google for them, or check out these.



Hope this helps someone else. Downlight covers are also great for keeping the heat from escaping from the room below the lights and can reduce your heating bill.........

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Down lights placement issues?

Hi shezzski, thanks for your response even if it was late.

I have infact now sorted out the issue. I was informed that the downlights were too close to the beams and that they needed to be moved. So I went up in the roof, measured out the location of all the beams and obstacles, drew up a diagram to scale on the computer and then figured out the best locations for the downlights while keeping symetrical and still providing sufficient space around them for ventilation. Because of all the beams, aircon and heating ducts in the roof I am still close with some of the lights but it is a lot better than it was before. For the lights that are close I have purchased those isolite guards that you have linked to in your post. I plan on putting the guards on all of the lights but at $16AU each x 13 lights, it's becomes quite expensive when your on a budget. The fun part was patching up the 10 holes made from the first time I put the lights in, not.
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