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BlueBSH 09-09-2010 12:44 PM

double pole breaker + outlets / x10
I have a power monitoring device which is required to be on a double pole breaker since it runs on 220v (monitors both 110 branches) and it sends out its data on Branch A and Branch B via X10 like commands.. (The energy detective TED5000 is the device) right now its just on its own double pole breaker isolated but it sometimes has problems with noise on the lines taking to the gateway device (the device that plugs into the wall to receive the information)... Is it possible / not a code issue to run two branches of oulets off that double pole breaker? I'm currently redoing the basement and am going to run two sets of outlets, one to a main room, and the other set to a hallway / storage room... could I use each set of outlets on each leg of the double pole breaker? there is about 3 outlets in total on the other branch, and 5 on the main room one... its designed to be a 20AMP circuit on each leg... the existing double pole is a 20Amp breaker... I know this means if one room trips the hall would go out also... but I want to plug the gateway device on a line that feels directly back to the unit that is connected to the double pole so it doesnt have a chance to get interferance on the line by traveling down other circuits... is this even allowed? thanks!

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