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Dame147 10-11-2011 01:03 PM

Double light switch not working correctly
Hi everyone,
I'm after some advice regarding some wiring on a light switch in my house so if there is anyone with any experience in this field that would be great :thumbsup:
I have a double light switch on my landing which is supposed to operate a single light pendant upstairs and a ceiling light in the hallway downstairs which has a double dimmer light switch,
It has never operated them both correctly from downstairs or upstairs but as my wife has changed the light downstairs to a nice chandelier I thought it was time to try and get them working correctly :whistling2:
I have 3 wires upstairs which are
(cable 1) red/yellow/blue earth,
(cable 2) red,yellow,blue earth,
(cable 3) red, black earth,

downstairs there are two cables which are both,red,yellow blue and earth,

If you have any advice on the correct wiring this would be great,

cheers, Damian

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