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Originally Posted by bergerdude View Post
the house is seemingly falling down around me from week to week. The joys of home ownership!
I know what you mean. I just walk outside and I can see 20 things I could/should be doing/fixing. It's a never ending battle, for sure.



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My Doorbell Experience

I just recently had the same problem: buzzing from a doorbell that is supposed to ring.

Since I was inexperienced with this, I wanted to post my experience from a very "beginner" perspective.

First of all, on my doorbell system, the transformer and the bell are two different mechanisms, on different sides of the wall from each other. The transformer, which is metallic and not at all decorative, is inside a coat closet, and from inside the coat closet one can easily see the wiring to it. The bell mechanism, which makes a ding-dong sound (two different tones, made by two different "hammer" rods which strike two different bars) is inside a decorative rectangular plastic case, is on the wall just on the other side from the transformer - and one can't see the wiring unless the decorative cover is removed. It may sound dumb, but I initially thought the transformer in the closet was the bell.

Based on my recent experience, I would suggest looking at the bell mechanism first, and the transformer second. The other poster mentioned a melted component - I also had a melted plastic component inside the ringer housing. Initially, I had a faulty ringer button (outside at the front door) which I replaced, but there must have been some kind of short that caused the bell to ring constantly - causing the plastic component inside the bell mechanism to melt. (Ultrasonic vibration is commonly used in manufacturing processes to melt-weld plastic components together.) I purchased a completely new bell mechanism and replacing that part fixed the problem. Of course I also re did the electrical connection to the push button ringer. It was not necessary to replace the transformer inside the closet - although, because I was fumbling my way through this exercise, I did replace the transformer, a waste of about $12.

Hope this helps any ultra-beginners out there.
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*Please note -
If your front door bell button is iluminated,
then it is normal for the current that runs the light,
to flow thru the ringer mechanism.

It's usually only a low current 20 to 40 ma
and it's not enough to operate the ringer mechanism.

So current could be flowing thru your ringer mechanism 24/7.

It should not be enough to melt anything thou.
Unless it's a crappy chinese job !


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