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wease 12-07-2006 07:53 AM

Do you have to pull new wires for remodel?
I have some long runs of wiring which was done in the 60's. Just wondering if you are required to pull new wires from the panel in a remodel. I'd like to try to reuse the run if I am allowed and then new wire from the first curcuit on. Couldn't find this issue in the code.

KUIPORNG 12-07-2006 01:49 PM

I do not see why the code will force someone to replace old wire(s) if they are in good shape and good load control. I think you can check the wire yourself see if they are still in good shape such as the rubber start to melt..etc. if you believe the rubber is in good shape... then I would say by all means use the old wires... More importantly, you need to clearly draw the circuit diagrams for your existing wires to ensure you use them properly in your remodel project, that is quite some work you have to do, figuring out what circuit connect to what devices...their loads... and GFCI... outlets ...etc..and identifing which wires physically belong to the circuit(s) ... I think many times people decide to do rewire everything rather than reuse is not because the wire is in bad shape or code requires them to do so etc... but they don't want the headache to figure out existing configuration... it is easier to rebuild everything than hooking some new wires to old circuits worrying about overloading..etc. people tends to save their working effort/time rather than saving on the material cost of the new wires... and once you knock down all old walls, the wires hanging there is pretty difficult for you to re-route if you want to reuse them... a lot of work I can imagine...

although I have only done new installation myself... never tried reuse old wires...the comment is purely from imagination...

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