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rathrboutside 03-28-2012 01:34 PM

Dishwasher Electrical Connections
Hi. I purchased a used GE 715 potscrubber dishwasher and just completed the electrical hook-up. I'd like to get a confirmation that I have done it correctly before I plug it in. I purchased a 4ft long dishwasher power cable from home depot. The end wires were Green (ground), White (neutral), Black (hot). The dishwasher had the same wires exposed. I nutted together the white to white and black to black. However, I also nutted together the green to green. I know some dishwashers have you attach the power cable's ground to a grounding screw inside of the dishwashers electrical box, but this one had a green cable coming in that was coming from a grounding screw on the motor, which split from there to a screw on the frame.

I just want to make sure connecting the ground this way, together, was ok. Thanks for any help/confirmation!

k_buz 03-28-2012 01:36 PM

Seems good to go.

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