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idlewatcher 03-07-2011 01:28 PM

Dimmer switch issues
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Hey all -

I've just replaced a new light fixture (from a previously existing light fixture) that used to use a pull chain switch to turn it on and off.

Well, my girlfriend wanted a switch for the light instead of the pull switch so I ran new lines to the switch. Everything worked out perfect - the light was safely installed, the switch turned the light on and off, lines were run properly etc etc etc., until she wanted a dimmer on that light. It's a chandelier that has 3 lights (60W each light x 3 = 180 total watts).

When I went to install the dimmer, for some reason, the lights kept "jumping" like the voltage was off or something. I've attached a diagram of the current setup.

In the drawing, you can see that I've run the lines from both the switch and the light to a junction box in the attic. The dimmer switch is on a single pole box so I'm trying to figure out how the single pole switch works just fine, but when I interchange it with a dimmer switch, it gets screwy!

Thanks in advance and for reading!

EDIT: Due to the OVERWHELMING responses from you people - fortunately I've figured this out on my own. So I suppose I can say thanks for nothing? :)

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