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Dimmable Led switch wiring help.

Lets see if i can explain this and hope sombody can help me.

I am adding two dimmable 6'' Led resscesed lights in my bedroom.

The light switch in the bedroom controls one output on a receptacle for a lamp.

I want to use the light switch to control the new lights im adding in and just have the receptacle be hot on both outputs at all times.

so in my lightswitch box i now have the new wire going to the new lights. and the exsisting wiring witch goes down to the receptacle witch is hot.

Can i make this work or do i need to get power from another light switch? I know this is a simple install and am almost done. I just want to make sure i do it right the first time.

If you need more info i can come up with it.



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Welcome to the forum!

One of the electrical knowledgeable people will be along shortly.......



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If I'm reading this correctly, the power that is in the switch box is coming from the box that has the outlets. If so, you most likely do not have a neutral in the switch box so you will not be able to power the LEDs
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I do have a nutral. My consern is that when i turn the lights off i will also be killing the power to the receptical. I dont want to do that.
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What colour you have at the switch box ?? if you have a pair of black et white then you have power source there otherwise we may give you a guideline on conversion to change the recetpale to unswitched then have switch for LED lumiairé.

So please count the conductors { wires } et colours at the switch and the receptale where it is switched location so we can able determed the correct way to do this.

The answer will be based on NEC ( National Electrical code ) or CEC ( Cananda Electrical code ) or ECF ( Electrique Code France )
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Is the wire from switch to outlet a 14/3 wire(red,black,white)?
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It sounds like the power source is in the outlet box, and a switch leg to the switch. The tab between the brass screws (hot side) is probably removed.

If that's the case, the white from the source goes on one of the silver screws (the neutral side), the white of the cable that goes to the switch goes on the other silver screw.

The black from the source...if the receptacle has it's tab broken off, you can use a new one with the tab intact, or re-use the existing one by jumping the brass terminals. If your receptacle has 'back-stab' holes, you can take a short piece of black wire and back-stab the upper & lower holes on the 'hot side', then attach the black wire from the source cable to one of the brass screws, and the black of the cable going to the switch to the other brass screw. My preferred way would be to use 2 pieces of black wire about 6" long each, wirenut those together with the black from the source and the black going to the switch. Attach the 2 pigtails to the brass screws...one each.

At the switch....attach the black from the outlet to one of the brass screws, the black of your new cable going to the lights to the other. The whites get wire-nutted together.

All grounds get tied together with a pigtail to the switch and receptacle.


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I got it done..Thanks guys.


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