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Custom PA system - Help needed with wiring adequate power, supplied by a generator

Hello everyone,

My name is Kelly and I've been building a modest PA loudspeaker system for the last few years.. My friends and I are DJs and we drive up into the mountains once a year to camp and play music. Next year I'm planning to invest in a larger amplifier that requires 220V @ 30A to supply adequate power to two 21" Yorkville subwoofers rated at 4kW RMS each. The amplifier in question is a Crown Macro-Tech 12000i.

The outputs of the generator (Generac 005734-0 15kW) include: One NEMA L14-50, One NEMA L14-30, Two NEMA L5-20, Two pairs of NEMA 5-20 (one pair is GFCI, the other is not). The NEMA L5-20 sockets will be used for powering everything other than the amplifiers and can be ignored for the purposes of this thread.

My questions to this forum revolve specifically around how to deliver adequate power to the amplifiers using the highest amp rated outputs on the generator, matching the highest current output with highest current draw. My experience with sound system construction is adequate for setting up the crossovers and signal cables to the speakers; however, my experience with electrical wiring is limited to basic 120V 20A circuits which have been more than adequate up until this point. Luckily, I’ve done some research and have a pretty good idea of how this should be wired, but I’d much rather have a few experts double check my work so I don’t accidentally fry one of my amps, or worse, kill myself or someone else.

1st question(s) The Macro-Tech 12000 uses what they call an “IEC” power connector, which appears to be a C20 socket, receiving a C19 plug. I’d like to connect the Macro-Tech amp directly to the NEMA L14-50 socket of the generator, as it will constitute the single highest load. To do this, it appears the wiring should be as follows -> C19X (top left) to NEMA L14-50X (left), C19W (top right) to NEMA L14-50Y (right), C19G (bottom) to NEMA L14-50G (top). Is this correct? If so, should I do anything with the NEMA L14-50W (bottom) connection? Will this configuration provide me with 220V to this amplifier?

2nd questions(s) The remaining amplifiers (which I already own) all receive 120V. They include (from highest power to lowest) a Peavey IPR7500, Peavey PV3800 and Crown 402. Each of these receives standard C13 plugs at 120V. For the IPR7500 amp, it appears the wiring should be as follows -> C13X (top left) to NEMA L14-30X (top), C13W (top right) to NEMA L14-30W (right), C13G (bottom) to NEMA L14-30G (left). For the PV3800 and Crown 402, it appears the wiring should be as follows -> C13X (top left) to NEMA L5-20X (bottom right), C13W (top right) to NEMA L5-20W (top right), C13G (bottom) to NEMA L5-20G (left). Is this correct? Will this provide me with 120V to each of these amplifiers? If I understand this correctly, the NEMA L14-30Y (bottom) terminal provides 120V in the opposite phase as terminal X (top) which is only required when tapping 220V and should be left alone since the IPR7500 is designed to receive 120V.

I know this is a HUGE amount of information and I certainly don’t expect a quick answer. If further information is required about this equipment, please refer to the following links:

(Page 6 shows the outlet panel)

Macro-Tech 12000:
(Page 9 shows the power socket)

Macro-Tech 12000 engineering specifications:

Peavey IPR7500 (manual shows specs for IPR6000 instead since the 7500 is so new):

Peavey PV3800:

Crown 402:

Thank you all so much!!!



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