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aperionguru 03-13-2007 07:51 PM

Current through my A/V components HELP!
Hey all,

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out with this issue. I'm an A/V professional (and may post this in that area as well) and I'm experiencing something I've never come up against. Electricians please help!

First, only two of the outlets in my rental are grounded outlets. That is, they feature the third prong hole. I don't beleive that they are grounded because my power centers show the ground is NOT ok. I believe them.

Despite it being a highly risky proposition, I'm forced to connect some of my A/V gear to surge suppressors with a "cheater" plug on the end. Really.. I have no choice. In the basement I have a computer rig and some A/V gear connected to an outlet. When I mess around with connection cables and I am grounded (no shoes) I feel current going through the connection cables. If I unplug drop cord that I have running to the A/V stuff, the current stops. So I know it isn't being passed on through A/V cables connected to other equipment on a different outlet.

What could be causing this? Bad extension cord? Has it something to do with the cheater plug on a surge suppressor?

Thanks again.

jwhite 03-14-2007 04:42 AM

It sounds like your equipment is such that it needs a ground to continously leak over voltage away from the system.

If there is no ground wire, there is no ground wire. A surg arrestor does not create a ground, in fact if there is no ground they are useless as there is no place for a surge to be re-directed.

You need to get rid of the cheater plugs, and install properly grounded recepticles where ever you need them for your equipment.

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