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Originally Posted by ctsmiths View Post
So in the winter you could say that for the northernhalf of the country,energy consumption should fall because the copper is colder= less resistance
So having a buried service feed is a plus


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Originally Posted by Scuba_Dave View Post
So having a buried service feed is a plus
The power company probably see it as breaking even from summer to winter
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Hey that meter is a motor. Can I change its speed?

The answer was YES

True Story from 1968
I was an Electronics Tech at Douglas Aircraft in Santa Monica where I met a mechanical Engineer who just had a scary experience after attempting to slow down his Meter.

It started after he got a bill at home from Edison that was a little higher than normal. He said to himself “Hey that meter is a motor. Can I change its speed?

He checked the meter's glass cover to see whether or not he could get it open then decided the meter designers were ahead of the game. It was pretty much tamperproof.

Then he thought that maybe he could slow it down by changing the Meter characteristics through the application of extreme cold. We used liquid nitrogen (-320F) in our lab so he smuggled some home in a thermos. After trying to figure out a way to apply the LN2 (it expands 645 times going from -320F to 70F) he gave up even trying the experiment because he figured that the Meter glass would just shatter. Then how could he, the homeowner, explain that to Edison?

His next thought was to use permanent magnets around the Meter but discarded that idea because the magnets would have to be so close to the Meter that the monthly Meter Reader could easily see them, and then he might see jail time.

Then he came up with the winner. The Meter characteristics might change if subject to a very strong short term electromagnetic field. Somewhere he got a big reel of doorbell wire, and then proceeded to wrap it in a big donut around the Meter glass. He connected one end to the AC power where the wire immediately erupted with a loud buzzing and smoking. He quickly pulled the plug then checked to see if the rotor disk slowed down. He could not detect any change in speed so to be cautious he undid his kluge and waited until the next month to see how much his Edison bill went down. After all he knew that he couldn’t get away with stopping the Meter.

When the Edison bill came the next month to his horror he saw the bill had shot UP. He could hardly sleep that night thinking of what to do next. It continued through the next day until his wife called him at work and told him to come home because two men from Edison wanted to talk to him.

When he drove up to his house his heart sank when he saw parked not an Edison truck but an Edison company car. He parked and after the introductions they asked to see the inside of the garage to see whether or not he had any new machinery. After looking in the garage and not finding anything they asked him to wait inside his house while they checked the meter.

Now he was really sweating. After what seemed an eternity to him they came to the door to report that the only thing they could figure out was that his meter had been hit by lightning so they would send a Tech out the next day to replace the Meter.
& Stay Safe
.....Bob Lavery
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Couple of dollars on your light bill versus a third degree felony!!??
Not much of a trade.

A lot (most??) POCO's have billing software that looks at usage trends and flags them if they go down (or up).

Personally, I've never understood the convoluted logic that stealing from a power company isn't stealing. Same thing as driving off at the gas pump without paying.


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