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You talking to me?
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ya, I had read the entire thread and there is a lot of good info in the thread but there is also some mis perceptions concerning iso grounds; whys and hows both

the grounds ultimately all have to be tied to the grounding electrode system. If they aren't, they will not serve their purpose. All grounds, both iso and normal, will connect at the main service. I have installed systems that fed through 3 or 4 subs (as in a sub of a sub of a sub). How an iso ground is treated in a sub is it is connected to an iso ground bar which is insulated from the panel tub. The iso system is kept separate all the way back to the main service and the neutral/ground/grounding electrode system bonding point. All the iso grounds are interconnected via this method of installation though and carried on one EGC to the next panel in the line of panels back to the main.

generally running a EGC to a separate item such as a water pipe really is no benefit. You should realize that your main electrical service is also connected to that same water pipe. as to separate rods: you must bond all rods to a common point so there is really no benefit to doing anything other than taking the iso ground to the main panel and bonding it, along with the other systems mentioned above to the same ppoint.

See, that's what I wasn't sure about and tried to confirm. The inspsector said it was "correct" but i did ground the grounds to the same grounding bar that I did with everything else in the box. It is to the main panel, not a sub.
they will go to the same bar (in a main panel anyway) but at the recep end, they cannot be interconnected. Each is there for a separate purpose and needs to be connected to their respective points.

Great points Nap!
well, this is what I do for a living.


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Yes, great points. That's where my original confusion comes from. The Iso Ground came with TWO Grounding yokes; and it showed a Green (standard) ground at the bottom being grounded to the box; then it showed a nearby Grounding Yoke (#2) that showed a Red conductor going out from it.

That's where I get confused. When I ran it; I didn't put anything outside the box. I grounded the ground to a pigtail in the metal box, and the "red ground" back to the main service panel. I also used pigtails inside the box, and when the green "regular" ground made it back to the box, I grounded it the same as the "red ground" in there. Essentially two grounds both going back to the same main service panel.

For reference, I think I still have the packaging and I'll grab some pictures.

But, this might help-- Hubbell released their version and wiring diagram online, this was one of the original ones I looked at in a wiring book at a the home center store before I researched it in other books at the library:
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That's weird - that's the second time it's clipped of responses after that last post.
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And again correcting the link so it works


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